Ayana from Ethiopia

Interviewer: Behruz Azimov
  In March of 2022, I met with Ayana Asfaw and Desta Asfaw at a festival celebrating Ethiopia's culture and heritage. At their stand, I noticed that they were only selling their handmade cultural clothing, but they had an informational stand, informing people about the basic information about Ethiopia and its culture.
  This couple moved to the US from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to California in 2014. In addition to their professions as elementary school teachers, this couple learned to make culturally and ethnically accurate Ethiopian clothing and coffee. ArtisanWorld partnered up with this couple. Ever since they partnered up with us, they had to meet a much higher demand for their clothing than they used to. Just like other artisans, we helped this couple get more exposure and more customers to fall in love and purchase their goods.
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