Sanjna from India

Interviewer: Behruz Azimov
On May 2021, I met with Sanjna Puri at a local festival where she was selling artisan clothing and jewelry. She moved from Jaipur, India around 20 years ago. She currently works as a teacher at her local middle school.

Sanjna's family back in Jaipur sells hand-crafted jewelry and clothing. Her family has a tradition of selling these goods. The skills needed to make these goods are passed down from generation to generation. Sanjna had these skills, but she did not use them until recently.

After spending years away from her hometown, Sanjna started to feel a bit homesick. She decided that partaking in her family tradition could help her feel connected to her family and culture back in Jaipur. At first, it took some time for Sanjna to remember her family's technique when making clothing and jewelry, but after some trial and error, she honed the skill. Initially, she only made these goods for herself; they served as a symbol of her family and hometown. When one of Sanjna's friends saw her handmade products, she said that she would love to buy one from her. This inspired Sanjna to start selling her goods to the public. She felt that this would be a great activity for her, as it would keep her engaged and connected with her family traditions while also acting as another source of income.

When Sanjna started this business, however, she had some trouble selling her goods since her consumer audience was very limited. This was where me and my company, EthnoBazaar, stepped. We helped Sanjna by expanding her consumer audience by listing her goods on our website. Through us, Sanjna can sell to many more people than she previously could have; she can even sell to people out of state. With our help, we enabled Sanjna to expand her business, allowing many other people like Sanjna to feel connected to their culture and heritage.
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