Hana from Korea

Interviewer: Behruz Azimov
  Hana Chae's parents immigrated from Busan, South Korea in the 1990's. Hana is currently a college student and sells Hanboks (traditional korean costumes) on the side. She learned to make these cultural pieces of clothing from her grandmother whenever she visited her during her summer vacations. Her grandmother currently resides in Incheon, South Korea, and Hana says she visits her every summer.   To advertise her hand-crafted goods and spread her Korean culture, Hana and her brother, Haneul Chae, set up an informational stand about South Korea at an international cultural celebration festival. Through ArtisanWorld.co, Hana was able to sell her Hanboks to more customers, helping her pay for her college tuition. She hopes to learn how to make more cultural hand-made Korean goods from her grandmother in Incheon, who Hana claims is a master at making not only Hanboks, but Himas, Pajis, and Durumagis as well.
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