Fabiana from Peru

Interviewer: Behruz Azimov
  From Lima, the capital of Peru, Fabiana has long been selling her artisanal goods. She has been selling them on the side of her full time job, an accountant, for over 10 years now. Unlike most other artisans, Fabiana learned how to make these culturally authentic peruvian goods herself. Fabiana has been selling Peruvian toys, clothing, ceramics, and home decor. She claims that one of her most successful goods is her authentic ponchos. Her ponchos have gained lots of attraction from customers, yet her other amazing goods did not get as much attention. Her chumpi stones (ancient tools of the shaman civilization) and Lliclla (capes worn by women), for example, do not get nearly as much attention as her ponchos, despite being just as culturally authentic and valuable. Through ArtisanWorld, she gained access to a much larger consumer audience, allowing her to sell these goods and more, not just her ponchos. Through ArtisanWorld, Fabiana is able to sell all kinds of authentic peruvian goods, which not only pleases her, but other Peruvian people as well.
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