Daruma from Taiwan

Interviewer: Behruz Azimov
  Daruma was born in Texas, but she later moved to California. Here, she works as a real estate agent and sells authentic Taiwanese goods on the side. She sells Taiwanese books, home decor, and chi paos (traditional dresses for women). She learned to make these authentic dresses from her aunts in Taipei City, Taiwan. She would visit her relatives in Taiwan whenever she could, and whenever she did, her family insisted that she learned how to make chi paos. Once she learned how to make these dresses, she decided to sell these goods, along with traditional taiwanese books and home decor. Her chipaos were decently successful, but she didn't see any success with her books and home decor. With ArtisanWorld, not only was Daruma able to sell more chi paos, but also she had customers purchasing her home decor and books. Through the online platform, she says that it has "massively helped me sell my products." ArtisanWorld hopes to have the same impact it had on Daruma for all artisans of different cultures and ethnicities.
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