About Us


  Artisans of numerous cultures are present in all areas. However, due to their lack of outreach to customers, they struggle to expand their consumer audience. Not only do artisans suffer from this, but also more people will feel disconnected from their home country because of their lack of artisan goods. Now, what if we could access these goods anywhere in the globe, curing our homesickness and making us feel at home in whatever country we’re in? Well, that’s exactly what ArtisanWorld.co strives to do.

  ArtisanWorld.co is an online platform catered directly to artisans and their customers. Through it, artisans can sell their goods. Not only are artisans given a platform to expand, but consumers now can purchase handmade goods, making them feel close to home.

  Wherever you are, we hope to make you feel at home.


  Behruz Azimov,
  CEO, ArtisanWorld

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