FAQ for Artisans

We connect artisans around the world with their customers. We do the marketing for you.Click this link for more info
If you have ethnic items and want to sell, there are 3 ways you can add them on our website. If you already have a website, we can just import your products. You dont have to do anything. If you dont have a website, you can add them manually, or with bulk import form. Click this link for more info.
You can login to your personal cabinet, and make any changes you desire - including but not limited to, delete, list more, change picture, price, description, etc
simply let us know by calling or contacting us via contact us form.
When your products are sold, we email you, and also send you sms. You can also login to our website and see list of orders
There is NO listing fee. However, from each sale we keep credit card transaction fee.
Currently, we are doing promotion. All of your revenue goes to you, except for credit card transaction fee.
Credit cards and debit cards processing companies charge us the following fee. Fixed: $0.40 AND 0.05%. Example, if your product price is $10, you get $9.10. We keep $0.90 for banks credit card processing.
Absolutely! We built this site with best safety standards in mind. All your activities are safe, and 100% protected!
We will release payment immediately after you take the following steps. After your product is sold, ship your product as soon as possible. After its sold, login to your cabinet on our website. Mark the order is shipped. Upload the picture of a shipping receipt.
We can send you payment in any method: Bank wire transfer, paypal, crypto payment.
We are in San Francisco. You can call us at any time.
Yes, soon we will add helpful videos for sellers and buyers.
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